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Tender for construction design services
Dear partners,
Gegharkunik Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) in the frames of EU co-funded “EU4Sevan: SME platform for Business Development and Innovation” Project is inviting to participate in “Construction design services” tender. 
The deadline for tender submission is 05 March 2018, 16:00.
Tender document can be downloaded from here.
Tel.: +372 264 2 24 66

  • Israel Hovhannisya - Gandzak, Gegharkunik Region:


    Israel Hovhannisyan recived 300 000AMD in order to make a car repairing center.
    Financed on 11.09.2012 with 300 000 AMD

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  • Sirvard Shanoyan - Clothing trade - Gavar, Gegharkunik Region:


    Sirvard Shanoyan received 400.000AMD from the "Successful Start" fund in order to be able to increase the revolving funds in her clothing trade business.
    Financed on 09.08.2012 with 400 000 AMD

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  • Vahan Soghomonyan - Computer & Accessories Center - Noratus Village, Gegharkunik Region:


    IT development is really important in rural communities. Most of the village inhabitants do not or are not in a position to have computers. The computer center is located in the Noratus village as a unique IT business. The entrepreneur wants to enlarge the business. The project supported the repairing of the space to make it presentable to the customers with additional services, as well as provided new work places.
    Financed on 06.03.2012 with 300 000 AMD

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  • Nune Hakobyan - Souvenir Shop - Shushi City, Artsakh:


    Business development has immense strategic importance to Artsakh, as this is undoubtedly one of the main factors that make people stay and live there. There were no specific souvenir-gift shops in Shushi, so people had to buy souvenirs from the capital city Stepanakert. The project enabled the shop to repair and enlarge the space, to purchase new items and increase the sale, thereby creating two additional job places.
    Financed on 12.03.2012 with 300 000 AMD

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  • Karen Hakobyan - Tonratoon-Bakery - Shushi City, Artsakh:


    The project promoted the operation of the bakery, which the entrepreneur was intending to launch since a long time. This is the first business in Shushi that delivers food according to the licensed order. Currently three employees are engaged in the bakery, equipments and furniture have been purchased and the space has been repaired. The business is profitable and the entrepreneur is able to pay the loan installments in time.
    Financed on 12.03.2012 with 400 000 AMD

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  • Viktr Badalyan - Bee keeping - Vardenik Village, Gegharkunik Region:


    Bee-keeping is one of the profitable businesses in Vardenik village. In Armenia, the number of households producing pure honey is very scarce. In the beginning of 2012, the entrepreneur was going to sell twenty bee families in order to meet and cover the annual expenses. The financial assistance helped him to strengthen and expand his activities and production.
    Financed on 12.03.2012 with 300 000 AMD

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  • Hasmik Tirabyan - Sheep-Breeding Farm - Khashtarak Village, Tavush Region:


    Agriculture is the main activity in Khashtarak village of Tavush region. There are only two big sheep-breeding farms in Khashtarak, both farms are the beneficiaries of the project. This household had twenty sheep and ten goats. The project helped to purchase six sheep of new sort. This sort is much productive and now the householder is willing to buy some more sheep of this sort.
    Financed on 18.03.2012 with 300 000 AMD

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  • Armen Shahinyan - 3D Cinema - Vaghashen Village, Gegharkunik Region:


    3D cinema is innovation in Gagharkunik region as there are no such cinemas in the region. No conditions of entertainment for young people in Vaghashen village exist. Having succeeded in establishing an IT business, the entrepreneur decided to establish a 3D cinema next to his shop. The project helped him to repair the space and buy the required equipment and techniques.
    Financed on 15.03.2012 with 350 000 AMD

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  • Investing in local development professionals
  • Investing in local entrepreneurs
  • Investing in rural communities


    • Return of migrant workers
    • Income generating opportunities for women
    • Jobs for young adults
    • Economic developmentĀ 

Last Project News

GCCI is starting LED process at Karmirgyux, Chovagyux and Bagratashen communities of RA. 

The first LED will be implemented at Bagratashen, that  is a community in the north of Tavush region of Armenia, on the banks of Debed River. 

Previously it was called Lambalu (until June 18, 1960) and Debetashen (until February 23, 1972). The
community borders with Sadakhlo community in Georgia and Bagratashen Customs office at
Armenian-Georgian border. Between Bagratashen and Yerevan is 212 km. Between Bagratashen and
the regional centre it is 79 km and between Bagratashen and Armenian-Georgian border it is one
The community was founded by Bagrat Vardanyan in 1936. It is located on 450 m above sea level, in
temperate climate zone, the average temperature in summer is + 25C, in winter it is 0C. 
Population is 2873 people, including 838 families (as of January 1, 2012), the 22.7 km2
The population is mainly employed with farming and trade, partly with cattle breeding. In soviet
times olives, peach, grapes, pomegranates, fig, watermelons, melons, tomatoes were being cultivated
in this community. 




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