“ZARTNIR” Monitoring Progress Report of August 2011


Within August 2011 Shant Mardirossian, the president of Near East Foundation (NEF) and Charles Benjamin, the executive director of NEF  visited Armenia. On August 19, 2011 GCCI team welcomed NEF officials to the residency of Gegharkunik Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI). Mr. Artyom Grigoryan, the executive director of GCCI, presented the activities and the current projects of GCCI, particularly “ZARTNIR” micro-franchising project progress and strategic initiatives for the future. Then NEF officials and GCCI team members visited “ZARTIR” Computer Center in the village of Vaghashen to meet the owners of “ZARTNIR” Computer Centers operated in Gegharkunik region. Current activities of businesses, also their benefit of joining to “ZARTNIR” network and cooperation with GCCI were discussed during the meeting. The head of the NEF asked about the key factors to make the businesses more progressive.

On August 20, 2011 NEF officials together with GCCI team visited Tavush region to meet the owners of “ZARTNIR” Computer Centers located there. After clarifying the progress of the Computer Centers, Consortium members visited Ptghavan village to meet with Andranik Veranyan, the owner of dry fruit production business.

Building construction activities for starting Dry Fruit Production business are finished in Ptghavan village of Tavush region (photos are attached below).

Within August 2011 there was stored and processed about 5000 kg of peach. The total volume of produced dry peach was 380 kg. Businessman Andranik Veranyan is not satisfied about these results and thinks it is because the business is startup and the staff does not have appropriate experience. The results depend also on technological factors, such as: air flow, temperature and dampness, which are not enough manageable currently.

Through changing the experience with the colleagues operating in the same field in Armavir region Andranik Veranyan has identified some key technological details which will allow solve imperfection of manufacturing capacities by the next production stage.

Moreover, businessman is planning to install a new compartment system, which will let organize processing also within the dull days. The new technology investment costs about 3000USD.   

The managers of “STAR” and “Fresh” supermarkets evaluated the product quality as excellent, which has surpassed the expectations of producer and resellers. A preliminary agreement has been signed between them to purchase the whole volume of dry peach in November 2011.

Fifteen employees were involved in production process and they had been trained by Andranik Veranyan before.