“ZARTNIR” Monitoring Progress Report of February 2011

In 8-th of February 2011 was the presentation of business plans within the framework of micro franchising in the Tavush Marz. The 8 entrepreneurs from rural and urban communities of Tavush marz introduced their business plans. At the meeting were present:
The Chairman of GCCI - Varazdat Karapetyan, the executive director of GCCI -Artyom Grigoryan, collaborators –Y. Kirakosyan, A. Dadoyan, S. Khachatryan, independent experts –V. Ananyan, Andranik Veranyan, V. Tsaturyan. The detailed report is represented in appendix 1.
The projects implemented by GCCI in Vardenik and Sarukhan communities are operating according to business plans. The borrowers make repayments properly, which is presented in appendix 2.

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