“ZARTNIR” Monitoring Progress Report of IV Quarter 2011


"Zartnir" computer centers’ network recorded considerable progress in computer trainings within October.

The list of trainings provided in Bagratashen is gradually widened based on demand of the center’s customers.  

In addition to the basic package of computer competency (MS operation systems, MS Office) the centers provide the customers with courses that could be used for specific fields, such as the individual course of «AutoCAD® 2010». This course includes the general introduction of the program and the special tools or opportunities followed by training-consultation related to the issues presented by the customers.   

Outside of the courses provided by the center, the experts of GCCI train the trainers of the centers, providing the centers with different educational resources and individual consultation to the customers of those centers.  

As the previous months, October also was a month of widening the training package provided by the computer centers of “Zartnir” network.

Inhabitants coming back from abroad create new demand for computer centers. In other words, the returned inhabitants require new quality demand and they have new preferences. “Zartnir” computer centers, with GCCI support use all existing resources and efforts to satisfy the demand of new customers.

Trainings of “E-commerce”, “Internet Marketing” and “PR in Social Networks” are fulfilled in computer centers located in Ijevan. Training modules have been developed jointly by the trainers of computer centers and the experts of GCCI. Some courses were organized by GCCI experts through the internet.

Computer centers located in Martuni region get an order of making web sites by the customers of outgoing work in Russia. Computer centers develop personal web sites also for construction organizations in Russia.        

The increased number of returned inhabitants is an essential challenge for computer centers of “Zartnir” network. The residents of communities purchase a lot of computers and accessories. Consultation and supply of those computers and accessories is mainly provided by the centers.

Computer security programs are highly demanded especially when the computer equipments are imported from abroad (most of people working abroad, take computing and domestic equipments with them). Computer centers’ experts also consult people on choosing the internet providers.