“ZARTNIR” Monitoring Progress Report of January 2011

During January 2011 total business turnover has decreased in 12 internet clubs operating in Gegharkunik region. This is a logical process after the New Year, as the incomes from clients decreased.

The Business Planning training was held in the period of 10/ 12/ 2010 – 30/01/ 2011 in Tavush region. 12 participants from 12 communities participated in this training. At the end of the training only 8 businesses were established as the other 4 businessmen’s understood that the market of their communities are not enough big for the business in IT sphere. The communities are represented in appendix 1. The presentation of business plans will be on 8/2/2011.
During January 2011 IT training was held with the 17 participants from the 8 communities of Tavush region. The information about participants is represented in appendix2. The module of IT training in daily format is represented in appendix3.
The projects implemented by GCCI in Vardenik and Sarukhan communities are operating according to business plans. The borrowers make repayments properly, which is presented in appendix 4.

Within January 2011 an agreement has been signed between GCCI and Raisio Finland Company to purchase 28.000 kg fish feed for Vahan Safaryan. Also an agreement has been signed with “Trans Alliance” transportation Company to ship fish feed to Armenia. The total transaction cost is 30.000 euro, which is already paid by Vahan Safaryan.

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