“ZARTNIR” Monitoring Progress Report of June 2011

As it was introduced in previous progress report, the achievements on increasing the income of Computer Centers’ Owners and promoting “ZARTNIR” brand are presented as the following directions:

  1. Game Server Development:

    1. "Counter Strike" Game Server. Currently the game server runs 3 specific game mode:
      i. "Beginner Mode". This type of server is designed especially for beginners. It is a specific environment, which promotes the gamers to improve their skills, as well as to accept the tactics of the game.

      ii. "Expert mode". This is a game server, which allows players to test their skills. Moreover, the statistical data about player skills are periodically sent to database through special skill calculation program. Whole statistics is presented on www.gamezone.zartnir.net website.

      iii. "Tournament Mode". Tournament mechanism is still in its development process. The main idea of “Tournament mode” is to establish connection between the players from 2 or more Computer Centers. It is fulfilled through the game server according the previously requested game parameters (game map, time, weapons, and other specific conditions). Game parameters will be collected via special submit form through www.gamezone.zartnir.net website. All organizational process will be run automatically.

    2. "Call of Duty" Game Server. This game server is in its developing process.
  2. Certificating training courses:

    1. A training certification mechanism has been designed with participation of Computer Centers’ owners and trainers. The trainings are fulfilled with the same syllabus in each Computer Center. After the trainings GCCI organizes examinations and the participants receive award certificates. Within June 2010 Lilit Surmalyan and Amalya Sarkisyan have been certified by Bagratashen Computer Center (certificates are attached below).
  3. Computers and accessories sale:

    1. GCCI and Computer Centers of “ZARTNIR” network cooperating together are looking for computers and accessories suppliers abroad. Within June 2010, Artyom Grigoryan, the executive director of GCCI, made some researches in China during his business trip to Republic of China, in order to figure out suppliers in China. A memorandum has been signed between GCCI and “China Council for the Promotion of International Trade”.
    2. GCCI is currently trying to search local and international importers to establish shipping mechanism as well.
    3. As it was noted in previews report, a preliminary agreement has been established between GCCI and “ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK” CJSC for signing an agreement with the Computer Centers’ owners in order to sell computers and accessories on loan.
  4. Creating community websites:

    1. Bagratashen community website's development is almost done. At this moment webmaster of Bagratashen Computer Center is working on website content translation.