“ZARTNIR” Monitoring Progress Report of September 2011


September 1, 2011 was not only a beginning day of school-year in Armenia, but it was also a ceremonial day for customers of “Zartnir” Computer Center in Bagratashen. The center introduced itself to costumers with modern interior designed together with them.

The recurrent exam was held in Computer Center of Bagratashen within September. Participants took exams on “MS XP”, “MS Office”, “Adobe Photoshop” and were awarded with certificates by GCCI and Computer Center.   

Based on request by local inhabitants, GCCI experts organized two-day free training-consultation in Computer Center. About 20 inhabitants with different ages and professions participated in training. The first training aimed to present the unifications of “Google” searching system. Through the specific samples ordered by participants, the special way and methods on searching system were introduced. The participants were provided also with specific handout after the training, where those ways and methods were published.

After finishing the training, GCCI experts answered the questions about different programs, their security, getting laptops and computers  for solution of specific issues, as well as about orientation on specialization in programming.

The next day participants were provided with a training on “eBay” internet auction and using methods of “PayPal” electronic payment system. After completing the training, participants asked for presentation of registration in “Youtube” system, downloading and publishing videos.  

“Ex-Evas” LLC on behalf of its executive director Mrs. Susanna Hakobyan was funded with loan of 300,000 AMD by “Successful Start” Fund of GCCI to purchase electrical rolling-pin and mixer. As Mrs. Susanna notes, purchase of electrical mixer and rolling-pin resulted increase of productivity for her enterprise.    

«“Ex-Evas” LLC produces lavash and cakes, which is realized in the stores in the cities of Vayk and Jermuk.   

The enterprise now produces a product named “Rshta”, which is highly demanded in the region. The main problem regarding to production of “Rshta” is production technology. To solve this problem, GCCI has an arrangement of experience exchange with a householder producing “Rshta” in the city of Gavar.