Vahan Safaryan
Fish Farming
Sarukhan Village, Gegharkunik Marz

Project Summary

I have been engaged in fish breeding since 1999. First, fish were imported from Armavir marz and kept in private pools, where sale was organized.

We have been breeding fish for the last 2 years. We have 8 pools, where 50,000 to70,000 fish exist.

The pools are built in deep pits. In the future, the farm plans to freeze and export fish to the Russian Federation.

Now the product of the farm is consumed in Sarukhan and also in 4 rural communities, of the town of Gavar. The farm also has a few customers in Yerevan.

The farm increases the volume of fish breeding each year.

The farm imported fish food from Finland this year. Food for 6 months is always imported at once. Import is organized 2 times per year. 12 million dram is spent each time.

Project Financial Analysis

Project Costs: 
Total Equity: 
Requested Amount: 
Loan committee decision: 
2.000.000 from SEF International Universal Credit Organization - Armenia
Profit : 
Profitability of Equity: 
11 %
Current employees: 
New employees: 

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