Manvel Melkonyan
Pea Production
Vardenik Village, Gegharkunik Marz

Project Summary

This business plan presents necessary expense calculations for pea cultivation in the Vardenik community of Gegharkunik marz.

The main crops in Gegharkunik marz are potatoes, wheat, and cabbage. Recently ASMC (Agriculture Support Marz Centre) of Gegharkunik marz conducted experiments of the production of different crops in various communities. In 2007, a pea cultivation experiment was conducted in Vardenik, and I worked with it. An area of one hectare was cultivated, which gave 2.5 tons of harvest, which is a high productivity in comparison with other crops.

Coming from my personal experience, we decided to continue pea cultivation and broaden the area of cultivation. It is planned to cultivate 5 hectares this year, for which necessary seeds are available from last year’s harvest. 10 million AMD is needed for cultivation of these 5 hectares, half of which must be obtained.

In Armenia, the pea is mainly an imported commodity and has a high demand. The harvest from 5 hectares can be completely consumed in Vardenik village both as a seed and as food, but there is also a preliminary agreement with preservation companies to give them some quantity of the pea crop.

Project Financial Analysis

Project Costs: 
Total Equity: 
Requested Amount: 
Loan committee decision: 
400.000 from GCCI Start up fund
Profit : 
Current employees: 
New employees: 

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