Anush Danielyan
National Café
Shushi City

Project Summary

Business history and work experience

I am working in the Shushi hotel as an administrator more than 8 years and have big experience to work with tourists. I don’t have experience in business field but I am an economist and participated in seminars of Business Planning and Business Knowledge.

Description of Business Idea

I want to have national café in the center of the Shushi. The café will be present Artsakh and Shushi. The suggested food will be only national and traditional sweets and other things.

Market Analysis and market share

There isn’t cafe in the Shushi now. There are two open air café works only in summer. These cafes usually can not work because the whether runs. In order to drink coffee or eat something light customers go to restaurants.
The main customers of the restaurants and cafes are students and young workers. The other parts of the customers are tourists and guests from different parts of the NKR or Armenia.
Totally the customers spend 12 million drams in the cafe monthly. The main part of this amount is spent by students and young workers. No small the part of tourists spending.
There are many guests from different parts of the NKR and Armenia during the different events. They organize their lunch in the Shushi and spend 1 million drams in Shushi annually.
Totally in the market of cafe services is spent 90 million drams annually.
Having accounted the market demand, competitors and my café place, my market share will be only 4% or 400,000 drams income monthly.

Competition Analysis

The main competitors for the company are two restaurants, as well as two cafes works during the summer. The main advantage of my cafe is a menu. The cafe suggests only national and traditional food.

Project Financial Analysis

Project Costs: 
Total Equity: 
Profit : 
Profitability of Equity: 
New employees: 

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