Aslan Grigoryan
Tourist’s Agancy
Shushi City

Project Summary

Business history and work experience

I was a vice-director of the NKR Tourist’s Agency from 1980. I established a tourist club in Stepanakert in 1984. The number of participants was more than 300 people. I was trained as a muster of the tourism sector in different countries of the Soviet Union. I have participated in different tourism competitions and received the title “Muster of the Tourism”.
Based on the Tourist’s club I established a rescue service. I was a minister of the Rescue Ministry of the NKR till 2005. I am a colonel in the army.

Description of Business Idea

Based on my own experience I want to establish the tourist’s agency which will organize tours by foot, car, bicycle, as well as campuses for scholars and students.

Market Analysis and market share

The research showed that yearly more than 6000 outside tourists and more than 10,000 Armenian tourists come to the NKR. The main parts of the tourists stay 2-3 days in the NKR and go to see historical places. The works done by government and private sector shows that each year the number of tourists will be increased and in 2015 the number of coming tourists will be 300 per day.
It is difficult to evaluate tourism market volume for 2010.

Taking account the fact that the services are new for the market, my share was decided based on the existing contracts. I am planning to have 28 groups during the 2010 and have yearly income about 7,5 million drams.

Competition Analysis

Because the services are new for market, we can say, that the agency dose not have competitors. There are 2 tourist’s agencies from Yerevan which organized tours in the NKR. The main advantage of the agency is assortment of services.
I am a specialist in this sphere and know all historical information about Artsakh.

Project Financial Analysis

Project Costs: 
Total Equity: 
Profit : 
Profitability of Equity: 
Current employees: 
New employees: 

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