Norayr Harutyunyan
Shushi City

Project Summary

Business history and work experience

I started my business experience in trade sphere in 2004. In 2005 I established “Norik Harutyunyan” company which now produces confectionery. I am a cooker.

Description of Business Idea

I am planning to open a restaurant which will suggest national food.

Market Analysis and market share

The restaurant business is a developing sector in Shushi. The public sector workers and high income’s people spend monthly more than 7 million drams in restaurants. The students and lecturers also go to restaurants to have a lunch.

Having accounted my advantages and disadvantages compeering with competitors I will have 15% of the market. My monthly income will be 1 million drams.

Competition Analysis

The competitors of the business are 4 restaurants and 3 canteens. My advantages are the location of the restaurant, the size of the area and number of the rooms, the low price.

Project Financial Analysis

Project Costs: 
Total Equity: 
Profit : 
Profitability of Equity: 
New employees: 

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