Lusik Hakobyan
Internet Club and Computer services
Noyemberyan Town, Tavush Marz

Project Summary

Before joining to “ZARTNIR” network

Before joining to “Zartnir” network, Lusik Hakobyan’s current computer center has served as an air ticket selling shop since 2007 in the town of Noyemberyan. The shop’s interior was in normal condition but during the period of cooperation with “Zartnir” network, there was made cosmetic refresh according to interior design standards. The shop was equipped with 2 computers of advanced performance.
Before joining to “Zartnir” network, the internet club has provided the following services:

  • Air tickets sale,
  • Computer and mobile accessories sale,
  • Print and publishing,
  • Digital photo printing,
  • Xerox and fax.

After joining to “ZARTNIR” network

GCCI collaborated with GIZ, Near East Foundation and Armenia Fund USA has implemented a micro franchising project in Tavush region of Armenia. In the frame of this project, GCCI experts has met Lusik Hakobyan and after introducing the main aim of the micro franchising project and the cooperation opportunities, Lusik Hakobyan has agreed to participate in the business planning trainings. The business planning trainings took place in January 2010 by GCCI experts – with CEFE methodology. In the frame of these trainings, Lusik Hakobyan with the assistance of GCCI experts has made researches in Noyemberyan community in order to find out the local demand for current and new services in IT sphere. In the result of summarizing market analyzes, Lusik Hakobyan and GCCI experts came to the conclusion that it was a profitable business as there were a large demand for new IT services in Noyemberyan community. After the Business Plans’ presentation, the loan committee decided to finance Lusik Hakobyan’s business lending 500 000 AMD in order to purchase new computers with high performance technical opportunities.
After the end of “Business planning” training, Lusik Hakobyan, administrator and trainer of the computer center, participated in IT training, which included “Operation Systems”, “Configuration of Local Network Connection”, “ NetAdmin” to administrate the computers network, “Computer repairing”, “External devices installation”, “Antivirus software”, “MS Office”, “E-views” etc.
Lusik Hakobyan and other employees of the computer center also participated in “Business Communication” training in order to increase the quality of relationship with customers.
By the end of IT trainings, the computer center’s stuff was presented “Zartnir” brand and quality, technical, customer etc. standards package.
After joining to “Zartnir” network, the internet club has been renovated furnished by own contribution.
Currently the computer center provides the following services:

  • Air tickets sale,
  • Providing computers for accessing internet services,
  • Network games,
  • Telecommunication services /a private cabin/,
  • Printing and publishing services etc.
  • IT courses /trainings (“Operation systems”, “MS office”, “E-views”, “E-commerce”),
  • Computers and software repairing.
  • Consultation on current urgent problems by phone;
  • Consultation and presentation of new modules by Skype;
  • Sending the training module and the relevant literature, resources, video materials to the club administrator beforehand via E-mail;
  • Organizing weekly meetings with the business’ owners and administrators in one of the computer centers. During the meetings are discussed the course issues, problems encountered during the work and are offered solutions to them.

Project Financial Analysis

Project Costs: 
Total Equity: 
Requested Amount: 
Loan committee decision: 
500,000 from GCCI Start up fund
500,000 from GCCI Start up fund
Profit : 
Profitability of Equity: 
232 %
Current employees: 
New employees: 

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