Andranik Veranyan
Dry Fruit Production
Ptghavan Village, Tavush Marz

Project Summary


Though the most tasty and quality peach is produced in town of Noyemberyan, a large amount of harvest is not processed.That is why I have decided to establish dry fruit production corresponding to European standards, where only dry peach will be produced for the first stage.
This business will become a model for other businessmen in Noyemberyan and other communities in Armenia. Besides, Armenian dry fruit is highly demanded in foreign market, as no supplements are used for this product.
To realize this business project, an expert invited from Holland will train our specialists. Also the experts of GCCI will consult in organizing the business and coach the activity.

Market Analysis and Share

Though there is a large amount of peach growing in Armenia, most of dry peach is imported from Turkey, about 70% for 2009. 245.200 kg dry peach is consumed in Armenia annually, in which the share of Armenian dry peach is about 30% or 73.560kg.

Competitiveness Analysis

Research showed that they are 220 dry fruit productions in Armenia, which are mostly sun- dried having only old and moral deprecated technologies. 60% of those productions exist in Armavir and Ararat regions of Armenia. The main competitors of my business are householders in Noyemeryan region, who make dry fruit from the fruits of their gardens. The competitive advantages of my business are:

  • Proper sanitary conditions;
  • Packaging of product;
  • Investing the innovative technologies which ensure high quality and law self-cost.

Targets of Idea Implementation

The main target of project implementation is “Arcolad” LLC. An agreement with this LLC has already been established, according to which this LLC will purchase the whole volume of products. The target also involves householders of Noyemberyan. We currently negotiate with Holland “PUM” organization to find markets for our products in Holland.

Strategic Goals

Only dry peach will be produced for the first stage of activity. Then the volumes of production as well as assortments of products are planned to be increased for further.
I am willing to train and share my knowledge and experience with other businesses producing dry fruit in order to establish a network of dry fruit production through micro franchising tool collaborating with GCCI.

Project Financial Analysis

Project Costs: 
Total Equity: 
Requested Amount: 
Loan committee decision: 
800.000 from GCCI Startup Fund
Profit : 
Profitability of Equity: 
Current employees: 
New employees: 

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