The Economy Diagnose of Bagratashen


Bagratashen is a community in the north of Tavush region of Armenia, on the banks of Debed River.
Previously it was called Lambalu (until June 18, 1960) and Debetashen (until February 23, 1972). The
community borders with Sadakhlo community in Georgia and Bagratashen Customs office at
Armenian-Georgian border. Between Bagratashen and Yerevan is 212 km. Between Bagratashen and
the regional centre it is 79 km and between Bagratashen and Armenian-Georgian border it is one
The community was founded by Bagrat Vardanyan in 1936. It is located on 450 m above sea level, in
temperate climate zone, the average temperature in summer is + 25C, in winter it is 0C.
Population is 2873 people, including 838 families (as of January 1, 2012), the 22.7 km2.
The population is mainly employed with farming and trade, partly with cattle breeding. In soviet
times olives, peach, grapes, pomegranates, fig, watermelons, melons, tomatoes were being cultivated
in this community.
The majority of gardens were destroyed because of the war, absence of proper care, and irrigation
water, as well as close location to Sadakhlo market. Currently, works for planting new gardens have


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