The Economy Diagnose of Vaghashen


Vaghashen community is located in Gegharkunik marz, 2 km southeast
from the town of Martuni , 2 km south of Lake Sevan, 1930-
2020m of height above the sea level. Vaghashen is located in 40 km of
regional center, and 130 km away from the capital.
The total population is 4290. Ancestors of the residents came from
Alashkert, Mush, Diadinits, in 1828 -29ss.

Vaghashen community is rich in archaeological monuments of architecture.
The remains of the cyclopean castle (I millennium BC), two
churches (XVI century), a chapel, cross stones (XIII - XVI centuries),
cemeteries are preserved.

The climate is temperate mountainous, with cold, long winters, constant
snow cover. There are frequent snowstorms. The average temperature
in January is -8 to -6 degrees; the average rage in July varies
from 17 to 18 degrees.

The total annual precipitation is 500-600 millimeter.
Solar days in Martuni region, where Vaghashen is located, have the
highest index in Armenia. The annual average of cloudy days is 16
days.The average rage of solar hours per year is more than 2600 hours /

The community of Vaghashen is electrified and gasified, and there is
no plumbing.
The fixed and mobile internet connection in the village is available.
The community has a school, a cultural center, a kindergarten and a
dispensary .

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