February 2012


Within February 2012, the computer centers of “Zartnir” network paid back the loans that they had received from the “Successful Start” foundation in 2010. The established centers of the network offer new services to the community to enlarge their businesses.

The computer center located in Geghhovit, fulfilled assessment in community and clarified, that the demand for computers and accessories is increased day by day. Through summarizing the results of the research, the businessman decided to sell also computers and accessories. The computer center of Geghhovit has been financed with three hundred thousand AMD by the “Successful Start” foundation, which has been spent for repair of the space. The businessman invested 3.800.000 AMD to get current assets.          

The owner of the computer center in Vaghashen discussed with GCCI the business idea of establishing 3D cinema close to the computer center. The target group for the cinema will be the young people in Vaghashen. GCCI experts liked the idea and the businessman was co-financed with 350.000 AMD to get a projector for 3D cinema. The businessman is currently repairing the space making it corresponding to the criteria for the cinema.

In February 2012, two businesses in Shushi were been financed owing to the joint support of GCCI and VCDI. One of the businesses, the gift shop, added a new department (kids’ clothes and toys) in the shop. The businesswoman of this shop was co-financed with three hundred thousand AMD to add the new department.

Tonratoon, the other business in Shushi, was financed with four hundred thousand AMD by the “Successful Start” foundation. Tonratoon needed the amount to co-finance the purchase of a refrigerator and some other production equipment.