Investment Guide


The Shushi’s investment guide presents the investing opportunity in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s city of Shushi, the attractive spheres, and the factors promoting or preventing the investments.
In 2009, the authorities of the NKR and Republic of Armenia, as well as Non-Governmental Organizations and private segments concentrated their attention on the city of Shushi. Shushi puts in a claim on becoming a cultural, educational, tourist centre including both big and small investments. This investment guide will elucidate the fundamental stated questions that trouble the local and foreign investors— the city’s development vision, investment’s opportunities and so on.


Shushi is a small town in the NKR with almost 3000 population. In the 19th -20th centuries, Shushi was one of the educational and economical centers of the Caucasus. In the beginning of the previous century, more than 20.000 Armenians were living in the city. In the result of the Armenian inhabitant’s   periodical extermination, and removal by the Turkish policy, the city’s Armenian inhabitants as well as the cultural values were annihilated.
In 1992, the denouement of the Karabakh’s emancipation struggle was Shushi’s liberation.
Now Shushi is the symbol of the Armenian cultural rebirth as well as the national pride. And in spite of numerous obstacles, here is being written the new page of the Arnenians and the Armenian culture.
The Goals of Shushi’s Investment Guide 
The goals of this investing guide are:

  • To present Shushi’s development tendencies and future vision,
  • To present the opportunities of investments in Shushi,
  • To present Shushi’s investing media,
  • To help the possible inventors to find necessary information about Shushi.

To Whom Shushi’s Investment Guide Concerns

This investment guide has been formed by the Business Pareta LLC, in order to present the succession of steps of Shushi’s development and the possibilities of the private investors in that process.
Shushi’s investment guide is for:

    • the inventors who are interested in the spheres of tourism, culture and education,
    • the present inventors in Shushi,
    • the internal businesses,
    • “Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund,
    • “Artsakh” Investment Fund,
    • all organizations and individuals that are interested in the assistance of business and Shushi’s development.

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