LED Model

1. Selection of communities

2. 6 day workshop with local team- Hypothesis

3. Kick-off workshop- LED Cafe

4. Field work

Selection criteria
Analysis of local economy
Announcement to community about LED project
Interviews with stakeholders
Analysis of local competitive advantages
One meeting with all stakeholders
Miniworkshops with basic branches
Analysis of  local relations, expectations
First vision about local development
Formulation of hypothesis
Agreements for interviews
Final selection

5. Results workshop, presentation

6. Selection of local entrepreneurs/ 20

7. Business planning

8.Implementing of business plans/ coaching

Checking of Hypothesis
Interviews with interested candidates
1.5 months of trainings and advising
Brain pools
Description of local competitive advantages
Interviews with interested candidates
Preparation of business plans
Business Proposals- how to use local advantages?
Interviews with businesses from basic branches

Presentation of business plans

Market researches and promotion
Presentation of Results
Testing of candidates
Export promotion
Selection of interested candidates for next steps
Final selection of 20 candidates