March 2012

The computer centers of “Zartnir” network make big changes in the services provided by them, which have a sufficient effect on involvement of customers and increase of the income.
The owner of the computer center located in Noratus, has enlarged the activity of the center through adding the number of the services. The rooms have been separated from each other and repaired in European style in order to provide the added services respectably. The counter is in its best condition. There is a separate room for the sale of the computers and its furniture.
The groups have been also separated due to the use of computers for the internet and games, as mainly the kids play computer games and they make the room noisy interrupting others work. That is why the rooms have been separated.
The salesman and the technical specialist are being trained by the experts of GCCI. There is a separate room with its necessary equipment and tools for the technical specialist.
Two businesses in Khashtarak village (Tavush region) – the agronomists Hasmik Tirabyan and Andranik Virabyan, - also Victr Badalyan, - the bee breeder in Vardenik village of Gegharkunik region - were financed owing to the support of GCCI and VCDI.
Hasmik Tirabyan received a loan of 300.000AMD for purchase of six sheep.
Andranik Virabyan received a loan of 300.000 AMD for co-financing the purchase of cattle.
Viktr Badalyan received 300.000AMD from the fund to cover the expenses of bee-breeding for the current year.